Moses - Face to Face

May 21, 2017

In one of the most popular passages in the bible, Moses encounters God in the form of the burning bush in Exodus 3. After Moses tries to wiggle his way out of God’s calling, we see how easy it can be to make excuses for what God has called us to do. Ryan Alsheimer finishes our Face to Face series with this story, and talks about how this story was just the beginning of a face to face friendship between God and Moses, and how that friendship is still available to everybody today.


The Canaanite Woman - Face to Face

May 14, 2017

Despite facing many obstacles and barriers, this mother approached Jesus with a great need of having her daughter healed. In this story we see Jesus test her faith in order to build it, and how this woman held on to Jesus in faith that He alone could heal her daughter. Ryan Alsheimer talks about how we still face some of these same obstacles today, and the importance of faith in Christ to see us through these obstacles.


Gideon - Face to Face

May 7, 2017

Gideon, God’s ‘mighty man of valor’, wasn’t always so mighty. When God showed up in a moment of weakness, Gideon wouldn’t have ever dreamed that God would ask him to lead the nation of Israel to victory over their oppressors. God is still looking for this generation to respond to Him, saying “we can’t do it God, but you can!” Ryan Alsheimer talks about Gideon’s encounter with God, how it changed him, and why it still matters.


Guest: Pastor Don Yarborough

April 30, 2017

Pastor Don Yarborough talks about Jesus’ face to face encounter with Nathanael in the Bible, and then talks about the powerful love of God.


Jacob - Face to Face

April 23, 2017

There is power in a name. All of his life, Jacob was marked by the meaning of his name: “deceiver”. However, after a face to face wrestling match with God, Jacob is given a new name to live by: “Israel”. Ryan Alsheimer talks about the significance of this face to face encounter, and how the same interaction with God is still available today.


How the Resurrection Beats Fear

April 16, 2017

If we let it, fear can easily control what we do, how we do it, who we do it with, etc. Ryan Alsheimer talks about some of our common fears, and how the love of God, proven by the resurrection of Christ, can beat fear in our lives. This sermon is from our Easter 2017 event at Foothills Performing Arts Center.


The Jerusalem Crowds - Face to Face

April 9, 2017

On Palm Sunday the crowds in Jerusalem were expectant for the coming King Jesus, shouting praises and filled with excitement to be with Him. But, did they miss the point? How could it be that the same crowds shouting praises were shouting “crucify him!” a mere 5 days later. Ryan Alsheimer shares about the significance of Palm Sunday, and how God still forgives our similarly flippant hearts today.


Lazarus - Face to Face

April 2, 2017

As a preview of what was to come, Jesus miraculously raised his friend Lazarus from the dead. Through this story, Jesus had interactions with close friends and crowds, showing great emotion and identifying with their feelings. Ryan Alsheimer talks about the significance of this face to face interaction then, and what it means to us today.


Abraham - Face to Face

March 19, 2017

Abraham had a series of face to face encounters with God, all culminating in a final test of his faith, in which Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac as an offering to God. In this bizarre and difficult story, Ryan Alsheimer talks about the hope that we have because of this, and how this story has a lot more meaning than what appears at surface level in Genesis 22


John the Baptist - Face to Face

March 12, 2017

According to Jesus, John the Baptist was the greatest man to ever live, but why? John had a radical face to face encounter with Jesus in which he got to baptize God Himself. It left John changed, and he also left a lasting impression on Jesus. Ryan Alsheimer talks about this encounter, and why it still matters today.